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Whether a bath or full hair cut is in order, grooming isn’t just about your pet looking great, but feeling great too. Keeping his/her coat healthy, nails trimmed, and ears clean all contribute to your pets physical and emotional well-being.  Our expert grooming professional can care for the needs of cats and dogs of all breeds.

Please call us at 770-886-2664 for pricing on all of our services.



This grooming treatment includes a bath and blow dry, hand brushing, nail trim, anal gland expression and ear cleaning (ear plucking according to breed). A light spritzing of doggie cologne and a bandana complete the groom.


The Mini Groom

Includes all of the treatments listed in the Bath. In addition, our groomer will trim your dog’s face, feet and sanitary area.


The Full Groom

Includes all treatments in the Bath and Mini Groom. In addition, our groomer will professionally clip and/or hand scissor your dog to your specific instructions.


Feline Groom

This groom includes a soothing bath, brushing/de-matting, nail trim, and ear cleaning. During the hot summer months, we offer a complete shave down or a fun ‘lion’ cut.


The important little extras available

  • Toothbrushing
  • Nail Dremel
  • Coat Conditioning Treatment
  • Medicated Shampoo
  • Whitening Shampoo
  • De-shedding Treatment